Schedule & Results, 2016 Hamilton Jr Bulldogs Reebok Classic, 2016-2017 (Hamilton Jr Bulldogs)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, December 2, 2016
BB18:00 AMChed-Gre Guelph Gryphons3-0Southern Tier Admirals
BMA18:00 AMGateway1 Hamilton Huskies5-1Burlington Eagles
BN18:00 AMMohawk-B Southern Tier Admirals3-4Niagara North Stars
AMB18:15 AMChed-Red Elgin Middlesex Chiefs2-6Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
BN28:15 AMMohawk-Y Ajax-Pickering Raiders1-2Halton Hurricanes
APW18:15 AMGateway2 Halton Hurricanes2-3Hamilton Huskies
AN38:30 AMMohawk-G Burlington Eagles4-2Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
APW28:30 AMGateway3 Barrie Colts6-0Amherst Knights
AN48:45 AMMohawk-R Richmond Hill Coyotes3-0Brampton 45s
BB29:15 AMChed-Gre PYH Rochester Monarchs1-6Oshawa Minor Generals
AMA29:15 AMMohawk-B Ajax-Pickering Raiders1-2Waterloo Wolves
CMPW19:15 AMGateway1 Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs1-1North York Rangers
AA19:30 AMMohawk-Y Hamilton Huskies2-1Brampton 45s
AMB29:30 AMChed-Red Central Ontario Wolves2-0Lambton Jr. Sting
CMPW29:30 AMGateway2 Huron Perth Lakers5-0Amherst Knights
AA29:45 AMMohawk-G Mississauga Reps4-0Guelph Gryphons
BPW39:45 AMGateway3 Toronto Titans2-3Oakville Rangers
CA310:00 AMMohawk-R Markham Majors2-3Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
AB310:30 AMChed-Gre Richmond Hill Coyotes4-6Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
AMPW310:30 AMMohawk-B Oshawa Minor Generals5-3Brampton 45s
BPW410:30 AMGateway1 Central Ontario Wolves1-0Chatham Kent Cyclones
BMB310:45 AMChed-Red Waterloo Wolves2-1Hamilton Huskies
AMPW410:45 AMMohawk-Y Rochester Americans0-0London Jr. Knights
DPW510:45 AMGateway2 North York Rangers1-2Hamilton Jr Bulldogs
DPW611:00 AMGateway3 Utica Jr. Comets1-7Peterborough Petes
AB411:45 AMChed-Gre Southern Tier Xpress0-7Upper Canada Cyclones
CPW711:45 AMGateway1 Scarborough Young Bruins7-1Buffalo Regals
BMB412:00 PMChed-Red Kingston Jr. Frontenacs0-3Ajax-Pickering Raiders
CPW812:00 PMGateway2 York Simcoe Express4-3Syracuse Nationals
BMA312:15 PMGateway3 Burlington Eagles1-5Southern Tier Admirals
BN512:30 PMMohawk-G West London Hawks5-2Ajax-Pickering Raiders
BN612:45 PMMohawk-R Halton Hurricanes2-4Southern Tier Admirals
BMPW51:00 PMGateway1 North Central Predators3-1Hamilton Huskies
BMPW61:15 PMGateway2 Pittsburgh Penguins3-4Sudbury Wolves
AA41:30 PMMohawk-Y Brampton 45s0-3Toronto Red Wings
BB51:30 PMChed-Gre Soo Thunder1-2PYH Rochester Monarchs
AMA41:30 PMMohawk-B Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs8-1Ajax-Pickering Raiders
AMB51:45 PMChed-Red Lambton Jr. Sting1-1Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
AN71:45 PMMohawk-G Oshawa Minor Generals6-1Richmond Hill Coyotes
AN82:00 PMMohawk-R Brampton 45s2-10Burlington Eagles
APW92:00 PMGateway3 Amherst Knights0-11Halton Hurricanes
AA52:30 PMMohawk-B Gloucester Rangers2-4Mississauga Reps
CA62:45 PMMohawk-Y Windsor Jr. Spitfires3-0Soo Jr. Greyhounds
BB62:45 PMChed-Gre Oshawa Minor Generals0-7Guelph Gryphons
APW102:45 PMGateway1 Hamilton Huskies7-1Barrie Colts
CA73:00 PMMohawk-G North Central Predators2-3Markham Majors
AMB63:00 PMChed-Red North Bay Trappers1-5Central Ontario Wolves
CMPW73:00 PMGateway2 North York Rangers2-3Huron Perth Lakers
AMPW83:15 PMMohawk-R London Jr. Knights4-1Oshawa Minor Generals
CMPW93:15 PMGateway3 Amherst Knights2-3Connecticut Oilers
AB74:00 PMChed-Gre Amherst Knights2-3Richmond Hill Coyotes
BPW114:00 PMGateway1 Chatham Kent Cyclones0-8Toronto Titans
BMB74:15 PMChed-Red Eastern Ontario Wild1-3Kingston Jr. Frontenacs
AMPW104:15 PMMohawk-G Brampton 45s3-4Rochester Americans
BPW124:15 PMGateway2 Oakville Rangers3-1Central Ontario Wolves
BMA54:30 PMGateway3 Southern Tier Admirals5-1Hamilton Huskies
AB85:15 PMChed-Gre Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs8-0Southern Tier Xpress
BN95:15 PMMohawk-Y Niagara North Stars4-3West London Hawks
DPW135:15 PMGateway1 Hamilton Jr Bulldogs8-1Utica Jr. Comets
BMB85:30 PMChed-Red Ajax-Pickering Raiders0-3Waterloo Wolves
DPW145:30 PMGateway2 Peterborough Petes3-6North York Rangers
AMA65:45 PMMohawk-R Waterloo Wolves3-4Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
CPW155:45 PMGateway3 Buffalo Regals1-7York Simcoe Express
AA86:15 PMMohawk-B Toronto Red Wings3-2Hamilton Huskies
AN106:30 PMMohawk-Y Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs1-4Oshawa Minor Generals
CPW166:30 PMGateway1 Syracuse Nationals4-5Scarborough Young Bruins
AA96:45 PMMohawk-G Guelph Gryphons1-0Gloucester Rangers
BMPW116:45 PMGateway2 Sudbury Wolves3-3North Central Predators
BB97:00 PMChed-Gre Southern Tier Admirals5-2Soo Thunder
CA107:15 PMMohawk-R Soo Jr. Greyhounds1-5North Central Predators
AMB97:15 PMChed-Red Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs3-2North Bay Trappers
CA117:45 PMMohawk-Y Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs8-1Windsor Jr. Spitfires
BMPW127:45 PMGateway1 Hamilton Huskies6-0Pittsburgh Penguins
CMPW138:00 PMGateway2 Connecticut Oilers1-2Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
AB108:15 PMChed-Gre Upper Canada Cyclones6-1Amherst Knights
BMB108:30 PMChed-Red Hamilton Huskies3-4Eastern Ontario Wild
Saturday, December 3, 2016
AB118:00 AMValley Southern Tier Xpress2-5Amherst Knights
AMPW148:00 AMGateway1 Brampton 45s0-5London Jr. Knights
AN118:00 AMMohawk-B Richmond Hill Coyotes2-8Burlington Eagles
AMPW158:15 AMGateway2 Rochester Americans4-6Oshawa Minor Generals
AN128:15 AMMohawk-Y Oshawa Minor Generals7-0Brampton 45s
BMPW168:30 AMGateway3 Sudbury Wolves0-9Hamilton Huskies
BN138:30 AMMohawk-G Halton Hurricanes0-6Niagara North Stars
BN148:45 AMMohawk-R Southern Tier Admirals1-5West London Hawks
CA129:15 AMMohawk-B Markham Majors5-2Windsor Jr. Spitfires
AB129:15 AMValley Upper Canada Cyclones2-1Richmond Hill Coyotes
BMPW179:15 AMGateway1 Pittsburgh Penguins1-3North Central Predators
CA139:30 AMMohawk-Y Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs3-2Soo Jr. Greyhounds
CMPW189:30 AMGateway2 Huron Perth Lakers1-2Connecticut Oilers
AMB119:45 AMMohawk-G North Bay Trappers2-2Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
CMPW199:45 AMGateway3 North York Rangers2-1Amherst Knights
AMB1210:00 AMMohawk-R Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs6-2Lambton Jr. Sting
BB1310:30 AMValley Soo Thunder3-4Oshawa Minor Generals
BMB1310:30 AMMohawk-B Eastern Ontario Wild1-2Waterloo Wolves
APW1710:30 AMGateway1 Amherst Knights1-14Hamilton Huskies
BMB1410:45 AMMohawk-Y Hamilton Huskies2-0Ajax-Pickering Raiders
APW1810:45 AMGateway2 Halton Hurricanes1-2Barrie Colts
B (XOVER)MA711:00 AMMohawk-G Waterloo Wolves0-4Southern Tier Admirals
B (XOVER)MA811:15 AMMohawk-R Ajax-Pickering Raiders0-1Hamilton Huskies
BB1411:45 AMValley PYH Rochester Monarchs0-4Guelph Gryphons
B (XOVER)MA911:45 AMMohawk-B Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs3-2Burlington Eagles
BPW1911:45 AMGateway1 Chatham Kent Cyclones4-2Oakville Rangers
A (XOVER)A1412:00 PMMohawk-Y Hamilton Huskies4-8Mississauga Reps
BPW2012:00 PMGateway2 Toronto Titans7-0Central Ontario Wolves
A (XOVER)A1512:15 PMMohawk-G Brampton 45s1-5Guelph Gryphons
A (XOVER)A1612:30 PMMohawk-R Toronto Red Wings3-1Gloucester Rangers
CPW2112:45 PMGateway3 Syracuse Nationals9-2Buffalo Regals
CPW221:00 PMGateway1 Scarborough Young Bruins2-3York Simcoe Express
AB151:30 PMValley Richmond Hill Coyotes6-1Southern Tier Xpress
AN151:30 PMMohawk-B Burlington Eagles2-4Oshawa Minor Generals
AN161:45 PMMohawk-Y Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs7-1Richmond Hill Coyotes
DPW231:45 PMGateway2 Peterborough Petes2-3Hamilton Jr Bulldogs
BN172:00 PMMohawk-G Ajax-Pickering Raiders4-1Southern Tier Admirals
DPW242:00 PMGateway3 Utica Jr. Comets1-4North York Rangers
BN182:15 PMMohawk-R West London Hawks8-4Halton Hurricanes
CA172:45 PMMohawk-B Windsor Jr. Spitfires0-3North Central Predators
AB162:45 PMValley Amherst Knights0-7Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
CMPW202:45 PMGateway1 Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs8-0Huron Perth Lakers
CA183:00 PMMohawk-Y Soo Jr. Greyhounds1-3Markham Majors
CMPW213:00 PMGateway2 Connecticut Oilers2-0North York Rangers
AMB153:15 PMMohawk-G Lambton Jr. Sting3-1North Bay Trappers
AMB163:30 PMMohawk-R Elgin Middlesex Chiefs1-4Central Ontario Wolves
A (XOVER)MPW223:45 PMGateway3 Pittsburgh Penguins0-8London Jr. Knights
BB174:00 PMValley Oshawa Minor Generals0-4Southern Tier Admirals
BMB174:00 PMMohawk-B Ajax-Pickering Raiders1-4Eastern Ontario Wild
B (XOVER)MPW234:00 PMGateway1 Brampton 45s2-4North Central Predators
BMB184:15 PMMohawk-Y Waterloo Wolves4-0Kingston Jr. Frontenacs
A (XOVER)MA104:30 PMMohawk-G Southern Tier Admirals1-1Ajax-Pickering Raiders
A (XOVER)MA114:45 PMMohawk-R Burlington Eagles1-2Waterloo Wolves
A (XOVER)MPW244:45 PMGateway2 Sudbury Wolves1-1Oshawa Minor Generals
B (XOVER)MPW255:00 PMGateway3 Rochester Americans3-8Hamilton Huskies
BB185:15 PMValley Guelph Gryphons2-2Soo Thunder
A (XOVER)MA125:15 PMMohawk-B Hamilton Huskies2-6Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
B (XOVER)PW255:15 PMGateway1 Buffalo Regals0-4Oakville Rangers
A (XOVER)A195:30 PMMohawk-Y Mississauga Reps4-2Brampton 45s
A (XOVER)A205:45 PMMohawk-G Gloucester Rangers4-2Hamilton Huskies
A (XOVER)A216:00 PMMohawk-R Guelph Gryphons0-9Toronto Red Wings
C (XOVER)PW266:00 PMGateway2 Chatham Kent Cyclones2-4York Simcoe Express
B (XOVER)PW276:15 PMGateway3 Syracuse Nationals3-6Toronto Titans
C (XOVER)PW286:30 PMGateway1 Central Ontario Wolves0-2Scarborough Young Bruins
AB197:00 PMValley Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs4-8Upper Canada Cyclones
AN197:15 PMMohawk-Y Brampton 45s2-4Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
A (XOVER)PW297:15 PMGateway2 Utica Jr. Comets1-8Hamilton Huskies
BN207:30 PMMohawk-G Niagara North Stars3-3Ajax-Pickering Raiders
D (XOVER)PW307:30 PMGateway3 Amherst Knights2-6Hamilton Jr Bulldogs
CA227:45 PMMohawk-R North Central Predators1-4Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
CMPW267:45 PMGateway1 Amherst Knights3-10Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
BB208:15 PMValley Southern Tier Admirals3-1PYH Rochester Monarchs
AMB198:30 PMMohawk-Y Central Ontario Wolves1-2Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
A (XOVER)PW318:30 PMGateway2 Peterborough Petes1-2Barrie Colts
BMB208:45 PMMohawk-G Kingston Jr. Frontenacs3-1Hamilton Huskies
D (XOVER)PW328:45 PMGateway3 Halton Hurricanes3-1North York Rangers
Sunday, December 4, 2016
SemiN218:00 AMMohawk-B Oshawa Minor Generals2-8West London Hawks
SemiPW338:00 AMGateway1 Hamilton Jr Bulldogs1-4Hamilton Huskies
SemiN228:15 AMMohawk-Y Burlington Eagles7-3Niagara North Stars
SemiPW348:30 AMGateway2 Oakville Rangers2-0York Simcoe Express
SemiA239:30 AMMohawk-G Toronto Red Wings4-1Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
SemiMB219:30 AMGateway1 Kingston Jr. Frontenacs2-5Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
SemiA249:45 AMMohawk-R Markham Majors4-3Mississauga Reps
SemiMB2210:00 AMGateway2 Waterloo Wolves3-2Central Ontario Wolves
SemiB2111:00 AMGateway1 Upper Canada Cyclones1-2Southern Tier Admirals
SemiMPW2711:00 AMMohawk-G Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs2-0London Jr. Knights
SemiMPW2811:15 AMMohawk-R Connecticut Oilers3-2North Central Predators
SemiB2211:30 AMGateway2 Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs2-1Guelph Gryphons
FinalMA1312:30 PMMohawk-G Southern Tier Admirals2-3Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
FinalN2312:45 PMMohawk-R West London Hawks6-2Burlington Eagles
FinalPW351:00 PMGateway1 Oakville Rangers1-5Hamilton Huskies
FinalA252:15 PMMohawk-R Toronto Red Wings7-0Markham Majors
FinalMB232:30 PMGateway1 Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs0-4Waterloo Wolves
FinalMPW293:45 PMMohawk-R Connecticut Oilers4-1Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
FinalB234:00 PMGateway1 Southern Tier Admirals5-0Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
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