Schedule & Results, 2017 Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs Backspin Classic Tournament, 2017-18 (Hamilton Jr Bulldogs)

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Complete Tournament Schedule
DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, December 1, 2017
AN18:00 AMGateway1
BA18:15 AMMohawk-Y
AN28:15 AMGateway2
CMA18:30 AMChed-Gre
AMB18:30 AMMohawk-G
BN38:30 AMGateway3
BMPW18:45 AMMohawk-R
CMA29:00 AMChed-Red
AMPW29:00 AMMohawk-B
AMA39:15 AMGateway1
AMPW39:30 AMMohawk-Y
BN49:30 AMGateway2
AB19:45 AMChed-Gre
BMA49:45 AMGateway3
BMPW49:45 AMMohawk-G
DMB210:00 AMMohawk-R
AB210:15 AMChed-Red
AMPW510:15 AMMohawk-B
AA210:30 AMGateway1
BMA510:45 AMGateway2
BPW110:45 AMMohawk-Y
AB311:00 AMChed-Gre
AMA611:00 AMGateway3
BPW211:00 AMMohawk-G
APW311:15 AMMohawk-R
CMB311:30 AMChed-Red
APW411:30 AMMohawk-B
BMB411:45 AMGateway1
AA312:00 PMGateway2
BMPW612:00 PMMohawk-Y
BA412:15 PMMohawk-G
AA512:15 PMGateway3
CMB512:15 PMChed-Gre
BA61:15 PMMohawk-B
CMA71:15 PMChed-Red
BN51:30 PMGateway1
AMB61:45 PMMohawk-Y
AN61:45 PMGateway2
CMA82:00 PMChed-Gre
AMB72:00 PMMohawk-G
BN72:00 PMGateway3
DMB82:15 PMMohawk-R
DMB92:30 PMMohawk-B
AB42:45 PMChed-Red
AN82:45 PMGateway1
AMA93:00 PMGateway2
AMPW73:00 PMMohawk-Y
AB53:15 PMChed-Gre
BMA103:15 PMGateway3
BPW53:15 PMMohawk-G
BMPW83:30 PMMohawk-R
AMPW93:45 PMMohawk-B
AB64:00 PMChed-Red
BMB104:00 PMGateway1
BMB114:15 PMGateway2
APW64:15 PMMohawk-Y
AA74:30 PMGateway3
BMPW104:30 PMMohawk-G
BPW74:45 PMMohawk-R
AMPW115:00 PMMohawk-B
AMA115:15 PMGateway1
BA85:30 PMMohawk-Y
BMA125:30 PMGateway2
AA105:45 PMGateway3
BA95:45 PMMohawk-G
CMB125:45 PMChed-Red
APW86:00 PMMohawk-R
CMB136:15 PMChed-Gre
AN97:00 PMGateway1
BMPW127:15 PMMohawk-Y
BN107:15 PMGateway2
AB77:30 PMChed-Gre
AMPW137:45 PMMohawk-R
BMPW148:00 PMMohawk-B
AA118:15 PMGateway1
AB88:15 PMChed-Red
BMB148:30 PMGateway2
BPW98:30 PMMohawk-Y
AB98:45 PMChed-Gre
APW108:45 PMMohawk-G
DMB159:00 PMMohawk-R
AMB169:15 PMMohawk-B
Saturday, December 2, 2017
AMA137:45 AMMohawk-R
AMA148:00 AMMohawk-B
AN118:00 AMGateway1
BN128:00 AMParkdale
BMA158:15 AMMohawk-Y
BN138:15 AMGateway2
BMA168:30 AMMohawk-G
AN148:30 AMGateway3
AB109:00 AMValley
CMA179:00 AMMohawk-R
AA129:15 AMGateway1
BA139:15 AMParkdale
CMA189:15 AMMohawk-B
AA149:30 AMGateway2
CMB179:30 AMMohawk-Y
AA159:45 AMGateway3
CMB189:45 AMMohawk-G
AB1110:15 AMValley
DMB1910:15 AMMohawk-R
BA1610:30 AMParkdale
DMB2010:30 AMMohawk-B
APW1110:30 AMGateway1
AMB2110:45 AMMohawk-Y
APW1210:45 AMGateway2
AMB2211:00 AMMohawk-G
AMPW1511:00 AMGateway3
AB1211:30 AMValley
BMPW1611:30 AMMohawk-R
BMB2311:45 AMMohawk-B
AMPW1711:45 AMParkdale
BPW1311:45 AMGateway1
BMB2412:00 PMMohawk-Y
BPW1412:00 PMGateway2
BMPW1812:15 PMMohawk-G
AMPW1912:15 PMGateway3
AB1312:45 PMValley
BMPW2012:45 PMMohawk-R
QualifierMA191:00 PMMohawk-B
QualifierMA201:15 PMMohawk-Y
BA171:30 PMParkdale
QualifierMA211:30 PMMohawk-G
BN151:30 PMGateway1
AN161:45 PMGateway2
AN172:00 PMGateway3
QualifierMA222:15 PMMohawk-B
QualifierMB252:30 PMMohawk-R
AA182:45 PMGateway1
BA192:45 PMParkdale
AA203:00 PMGateway2
QualifierMB263:00 PMMohawk-Y
QualifierMB273:15 PMMohawk-G
BN183:15 PMGateway3
QualifierMB283:45 PMMohawk-R
AB144:00 PMValley
BMPW214:00 PMMohawk-B
AMPW224:00 PMParkdale
APW154:00 PMGateway1
QualifierMB294:15 PMMohawk-Y
BPW164:15 PMGateway2
QualifierMB304:30 PMMohawk-G
AMPW234:30 PMGateway3
QualifierMB315:00 PMMohawk-R
AB155:15 PMValley
QualifierMB325:15 PMMohawk-B
AMPW245:15 PMParkdale
BPW175:15 PMGateway1
BMPW255:30 PMMohawk-Y
APW185:30 PMGateway2
BMPW265:45 PMMohawk-G
BN195:45 PMGateway3
AB166:45 PMValley
1/4 FinalMA236:45 PMMohawk-R
BA207:00 PMParkdale
1/4 FinalMA247:00 PMMohawk-B
AN207:00 PMGateway1
AA217:15 PMGateway2
1/4 FinalMA257:15 PMMohawk-Y
1/4 FinalMA267:30 PMMohawk-G
AB178:00 PMValley
1/4 FinalMB338:00 PMMohawk-R
BMPW278:15 PMMohawk-B
AMPW288:15 PMParkdale
APW198:15 PMGateway1
1/4 FinalMB348:30 PMMohawk-Y
BPW208:30 PMGateway2
1/4 FinalMB358:45 PMMohawk-G
AB189:15 PMValley
1/4 FinalMB369:15 PMMohawk-R
Sunday, December 3, 2017
SemiMPW298:00 AMMohawk-B
SemiMPW308:00 AMMohawk-Y
SemiN218:00 AMGateway2
SemiN228:15 AMGateway1
SemiPW218:30 AMMohawk-G
SemiPW228:45 AMMohawk-R
Semi-FinalMA279:30 AMGateway1
Semi-FinalMA289:45 AMGateway2
SemiMB3710:00 AMMohawk-G
SemiMB3810:15 AMMohawk-R
SemiA2311:00 AMGateway1
SemiA2411:15 AMGateway2
SemiB1911:30 AMMohawk-G
SemiB2011:45 AMMohawk-R
FinalMPW311:00 PMMohawk-G
FinalN231:00 PMGateway1
FinalPW231:15 PMMohawk-R
FinalMA292:30 PMGateway1
FinalMP392:45 PMMohawk-R
FinalA254:00 PMGateway1
FinalB214:15 PMMohawk-R
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